Canceled Shinnecock Lodge #360 TOR Canceled


I have heard from Frank Mullane,that

the Lodge 360 Trade O Ree had to be canceled.  Stu Meade got the word out to the few Traders he had coming, but evidently as you mentioned he was butting heads against the Section Conclave the same weekend and no doubt the trip out to Bating Hollow was just that “A Trip”.

I had previously written about this TOR here.  If you have any questions, you can contact Stu Meade the organizer at

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Shared Items From Around The Web – May 23, 2009


Otetiana Whatsit?

questionmarksmallMike Hinman sends along a whatsit from Otetiana Council, Rochester, New York. Can anyone help Mike in identifying this issue?

Otetiana Whatsit?

Otetiana Whatsit?

The composition and material is reminiscent of the 1954 Area 2-E conclave patch.

A Philmont contingent piece?  The wolf is the Ty-Ohni totem and their is no known 95 Chapter that used a bull.

Can any Lodge #95 readers help Mike out?


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