New York State 2009 NOAC Checklist


Once again, as I have done for the last handful of NOAC’s, I am compiling a list of all of the 2009 NOAC issues from New York State OA Lodges.  You can find the preliminary version here:

I will be adding links to images where I have them.

If you are aware of any other issues, please let me know, send along a scan and I’m always looking to trade for my NYS needs.

I have the Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 2009 NOAC set (Org Border) to trade for 1:1 for other 2009 NOAC 2-piece sets from NY OA Lodges will also trade for 2 2009 NOAC flaps from NYS Lodges.  You can see the images here.


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