Buclskin Lodge #412 N5.8

Identification Aide

Frank Mullane  a former member of Buckskin Lodge #412 (and current member of Aquehongian Lodge #112) brought his collection of #412 Neckerchief and neckerchief slides to the Sakuwit Lodge #2 and allowed me to photograph them.

Here is another Lodge #412 N5.8, not currently pictured on OA Images.

Buckskin Lodge #412 N5.8

Buckskin Lodge #412 N5.8

The Blue Book describes this as:
N5.8 – – BBL BLK – SSC; RND design; rayon like material

Some members of Buckskin Lodge do not consider this and the other silk-screened issues like this a true lodge issue.

Apparently these neckerchiefs were screened on various lodge weekends and events on a variety of blanks.  Since they were never sold from ‘The Trunk’  (the lodge trading post), they feel they are not true Lodge issues.  Your mileage may vary.

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