Suanhacky Lodge #49 2009 NOAC S63

New IssueI wrote about the Suanhacky Lodge #49 S60 flap issued for the 2009 NOAC which incorrectly indicated that the event would be held at I.S. U.  This flap was later replaced by their S62.

Now another ‘error’ issue has been released, this was purportedly to be their Delegate issue and only 50 were made.  And I have no idea why there is a pocket loop on the flap.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 S63 2009 NOAC

Suanhacky Lodge #49 S63 2009 NOAC

Blue Book stats:
S63 SMY C DBL RED YEL FDL; YEL 2009 NOAC, WWW RED Queens Council, I.S.U. w/X38 – error issue


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