Munsi Lodge #444 Neckerchief Slide

George Jennings shared a neckerchief slide from Munsi Lodge #444 used on with the P1 neckerchiefs in the 1960’s.

It is a handcarved and painted wooden slide.  The picture (mine) is not the best, I will try to get a better picture to replace this one.

Munsi Lodge #444 Neckerchief Slide

Munsi Lodge #444 Neckerchief Slide


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  1. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Bill-
    Are these of the same style as those produced from the slide farm? The way the “eyes” on the turtle are painted appear to be of the same style. One thing that leads me to question this association, however, is the absence of the arrow affixed to the backside of the slide. I will be sharing some pieces I’ve promised earlier. Enjoy! Always a pleasure to read your blog posts.
    My best-
    Ray Gould

  2. Ray Gould says:

    Does it appear as though an arrow were affixed to the slide’s reverse originally?

  3. nyoatrader says:

    No there was not a Arrow affixed to the slid, nor any indication one was.

    The loop on the back of the slide is made of wood and appears to part of the same ‘block’, many of the later Slide Farm issues had leather llops, but this is likely an older issue.

    I will try to find out more about it.

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