Section NE-2B 1977 Conclave

conclaveThe 1977 Section NE-2B Conclave was hosted by Manatoanna Lodge #461 and held at Camp Vigor.  The Conclave Theme was Bonds of Brotherhood.

There were two items issued for the event, a pocket patch

Section NE-2B 1977 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2B 1977 Pocket Patch

and a neckerchief:

Section NE-2B 1977 Neckerchief

Section NE-2B 1977 Neckerchief

According to the OA Section List, the lodges which comprised NE-2B at this time

  • Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34
  • Otahnagon Lodge #172
  • Tahgajute Lodge #247
  • Kamargo Lodge #294
  • Adirondack Lodge #357
  • Nischa Nitis Lodge #410
  • Manatoanna Lodge #461
  • Yahnundasis Lodge #465
  • Ah Wa Ge Lodge #477
  • Chi Sigma Lodge #546

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the scans.


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