NOAC Patch Design Winner Announced

I had previously written about the Patch design contest for the 2009 NOAC.


The winners have now been announced:

The section chiefs at the National Planning Meeting picked the winner of the NOAC Patch Design Contest. From the numerous submissions received, they decided that there was a three-way tie! The winning designers were: Matthew S. of Octoraro Lodge, West Chester, PA; Michael D. of Chippewa Lodge, Waterford, MI; and Steven V. of Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge, West Palm Beach, FL.

Elements of two of the designs were combined to create the NOAC patch, which will be unveiled at the conference. The third design will be featured on the NOAC merchandise at the NOAC Trading Post. Because there were three winners, each designer will receive a $100 credit at the NOAC Trading Post and a skybox seat at a NOAC show. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who competed!


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    The 1951 Area 2-E Conclave was called a Pow-Wow as evidenced by the single patch issued for the event.
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    Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009 in Scouting Blogs – Comments: (0)
    Glen Chase, the webmaster for The Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp, also maintains a site dedicated to Kecoughtan Lodge 463, he describes the site as:This site is dedicated to providing an online reference of all emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge 463, Boy Scouts of America, during their 45 years of providing cheerful service.
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    The 1991 Section NE-7A Conclave was hosted by Amo’chk Lodge #339 and held at their Camp Sam Wood.  As was to become the practice,  there were two issues for the event, a pin:
    and a Pocket Patch

    According to the OA Section List (and the conclave patch) the following lodges were in NE-7A at this time.

    Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009 in Area/Section Conclaves – Comments: (2)
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