Area 2-E 1951 Conclave

conclaveThe 1951 Area 2-E Conclave was called a Pow-Wow as evidenced by the single patch issued for the event.

Area 2-E 1951 Pocket Patch

Area 2-E 1951 Pocket Patch

The event was hosted by Ganosote Lodge #159 and held at their Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee.

The OA Section List the following lodges were in Area 2-E at the time:

  • Ty-Ohni Lodge #95
  • Ganosote Lodge #159
  • Chautauqua Lodge #165
  • Wakanda Lodge #186
  • Tuscarora Lodge #284
  • Amo’chk Lodge #339
  • Tuighaunock Lodge #409
  • Ganeodiyo Lodge #417


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Kecoughtan Emblems and History Site News

scouting-blogsGlen Chase, the webmaster for The Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp, also maintains a site dedicated to Kecoughtan Lodge 463, he describes the site as:

This site is dedicated to providing an online reference of all emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge 463, Boy Scouts of America, during their 45 years of providing cheerful service. The site also includes emblems from Chanco Lodge 483 and Wahunsenakah Lodge 333, as well as emblems from Peninsula, Old Dominion Area, and Colonial Virginia Councils, Area III-C, Section SE-1, Section SE-8, and Section SR-7/7A.

There is also a blog associated with the site:


If your interested in Virginia or Section SR-7A, you may want to check it out.


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Shared Items From Around The Web – February 9, 2009


Best Posts on New York OA Trader from 2nd February – 8th February 2009

Too many posts to handle? If you missed out on a great post from last week, here’s a quick digest of the top posts that you may want to check out:
  • Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 Training Staff Patch R12
    Posted on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 in Buckskin #412 – Comments: (0)
    Here is the second of two issues from Buckskin Lodge #412 sent to us by Brian Petrowski.As has been their practice from the past several years Buckskin Lodge issued two issues for completing Lodge training, a participant and a staff issue.
  • Nationwide Precautionary Voluntary Recall of 9.5 oz. Trail’s End® Caramel Corn with Peanuts
    Posted on Sunday, February 8th, 2009 in Scouting in the News – Comments: (1)
    I know that many of you either sell or buy Trial’s End Popcorn with your units.  While it is likely that you have seen this, I thought I would pass it along too.”Although Weaver Popcorn has received no complaints or reports of any illness related to this product, we are taking this precautionary action out of an abundance of caution and consistent with our 80-year unwavering commitment to consumer safety and to providing the highest-qualityproducts,” said Mike Weaver, Weaver Popcorn Company President and CEO.
  • Section NE-7A 1993 Conclave
    Posted on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 in Area/Section Conclaves – Comments: (1)
    The 1993 Section NE-7A Conclave was hosted by Tahgajute Lodge #247 and held at Camp Rotary. 1993 was also the 50th Anniversary Year of Tahgajute Lodge.There were two issues for the event, a pin and a pocket patch.
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