2010 Centennial Celebration in Patches

scouting-blogsDoug Hunkele recently announced a new blog dedicated to the patches of the 2010 Centennial of the BSA.

Here it is just the start of 2009 and I have over 40 images for patches relating to the 2010 Celebration / 100th Anniversary. I am waiting on a few scans of other patches I am aware of so that I can include them also. If you know of any related patches that being issued in the near future please let me know at my return email or ciwebmaster@nullcampimages.com


If you have any interest in what will likely be a popular collecting area, this would seem to be the site for you.  Check it out.


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 18, 2009


The 25 Most Commonly Misspelled Words

DunceSo how good are you at spelling? Can you do it in your own or is Spell Check your friend?

The 25 most commonly misspelled words is a list that has circulated among businesses for decades. It contains the words business people must spell correctly when they use the words in a specific context. For words that may have variant spellings, such as “judgment” and “judgement,” American business supervisors and editors will change “judgement” to “judgment” in all cases, possibly believing that the writer is ignorant of standard spelling conventions. British business people may change “judgment” to “judgement.”

Take the test, and see how well you do.

Creative Commons License photo credit: garybirnie.com


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