eBay New Approved Payment Methods — Moneybookers and Paymate

Ebay LogoeBay is adding two new payment methods, to its accepted methods of payment next month.

In February, we’ll be adding two new electronic payment methods to the permitted payments list in the Accepted Payments Policy: Moneybookers and Paymate. These are established payment methods that increase the safe choices available to our buyers and sellers, which currently include PayPal, credit and debit card payment to a seller’s merchant account, Propay or Pay on Pick-up. To learn more about these new payment methods, visit www.moneybookers.com/partners/us/ebay and www.paymate.com/eBay.  Please note, Propay also plans to open up its payment service to all levels of Powersellers starting January 22.  For more information about Propay, go to www.Propay.com/eBay

Also remember the upcoming change:

Enforcement grace period for sellers: Starting October 20, 2008 only permitted payment methods will be displayed in the payment details section of listings.  Sellers will need to remove all references to non-permitted payment methods from item descriptions. We know that this is a busy time of year for sellers, so to allow sufficient time to change templates, we will wait until January 15, 2009 before we begin taking action against sellers soliciting non-permitted payment methods within the item description of listings.


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 10, 2009


2009 Presidential Inauguration CSPs

While it is not from New York State, this may be of interest to some CSP collectors.

A comment was recently left on an older post with a link for 2009 Presidential Inauguration CSP’s from the National Capital Area Council.

CSP’s (including the one picture below) and other gewgaws can be found here.



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