Merger Approved

I previously wrote about a potential merger between two Illinois Councils, Trails West and Okaw Valley councils. Well now it looks like the the merger has been approved.

Members of the Trails West Boy Scout Council and the Okaw Valley Boy Scout Council voted to consolidate the two councils and form a new council.

The new Boy Scout council in the metro-east area will be known as the Lewis and Clark Council, said Robert J. Smejkal Jr., program director at the Trails West Council in Wood River. The new council will oversee Boy Scouts in a 15-county area of Southwestern Illinois.

Since the merger is after the OA charter period, it is likely the OA Lodges will not be required to merge until the end of 2009.


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 11, 2009


Collecting Foreign Badges


Harold Daw announced on Patch-L that he had completed four new catalogs of foreign badges on his website. I had previously written about his project here.

I am not sure if anyone else out there collects patches/badges from all over the world but in case there are, there are four new color catalogs just posted to my website and free for the taking.  The new ones are :
West Indies
Canada Overseas
Moldoa NAtional Scouting Emblem
Moldova National Scouting Emblem
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