Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 NOAC Set

New IssueHere is the next 2009 NOAC issue from Buckskin Lodge #412. It is the first of three 2-piece sets issued for the event and shared by Brian Petrowski, he explains:

Now for the two part sets we went with the Apollo 11 theme marking the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing.  All three flaps feature a waving American flag background with the buckskin tab and have bronze, gold, and silver metallic borders along with the matching bottom pieces. The bronze bottom pieces features the Apollo 11 rocket ready for take off.

Buckskin Lodge #412 S59 X23 2009 NOAC Set

Buckskin Lodge #412 S59 X23 2009 NOAC Set

What’s the code for Bronze Mylar?

Blue Book Stats:
S59 BMY R BLK BMY BMY FDL; BMY=Bronze Mylar BMY 2009 NOAC, WWW, I U w/X23
X23 BMY R BLU BRN – BMY=Bronze Mylar, BRN Salutes The 40th Anniversary of the First Manned Moon Landing 1969-2009 w/S59

Brian adds:

If anyone is interested in purchasing the three two parts sets they are $20 and $5 for the delegate wolf shapped flap they can contact me at broc381@nullyahoo.com

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Table of contents for Buckskin Lodge 2009 NOAC

  1. Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 NOAC Set
  2. Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 NOAC Set S60 X24
  3. Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 NOAC Set S61 X25

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