Section NE-2C 2008 Last er…no Lost Conclave

The final NE-2C Conclave was held at Camp Keowa, Ten Mile River Scout Camp. The Host Lodge was Shu-Shu-Gah #24. The theme of the Conclave was “The Lost Conclave.”

The Lodges in Section NE-2C which were at the Conclave were:
Lodge #4 Ranachqua
Lodge #15 Ktemaque
Lodge #24 Shu-Shu-Gah
Lodge #49 Suanhacky
Lodge #82 Man-a-hattin
Lodge #86 Nacha Nimat
Lodge #112 Aquehongian
Lodge #313 Owaneco
Lodge #427 Achewon Netopalis
Lodge #553 Paugassett

There was a pocket patch:

2008 NE-2C Conclave Pocket Patch

2008 NE-2C Conclave Pocket Patch

and a Jacket patch which measured about 7 1/2″ x 6 3/4″

Section NE-2C 2008 Conclave Jacket Patch

Finally there was a participant patch for those who completed a set of requirements.  This patch was awarded on Sunday morning.  It differed from the pocket patch in the red border (vs. black) and the Last Conclave (vs. Lost).  It also contains the starting and ending years for NE-2C 2000 and 2008.

Section NE-2C 2008 Conclave Particpant Patch

Section NE-2C 2008 Conclave Participant Patch

Update May 2016:
As was the habit of the Section, a Very Important Arrowman version with a yellow border was produced for the event.

Section NE-2C 2008 Conclave VIA Pocket Patch

Section NE-2C 2008 Conclave VIA Pocket Patch



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