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Need to know how many more work days until the next TOR?  Click on the link for 14 other Excel tips and tricks.

Find total working days between any two dates, including holidays


If you work on project plans, gantt charts alot, this can be totally handy. Just type =networkdays(start date, end date, list of holidays) to fetch the number of working days. In the above sample you can see the number of working days between New years day and September first of this year (labor day).


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Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate Flap S31

George Jennings has also provided an image of the Delegate Flap for ArrowCorps5 for Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. I had previously shown the S29 and S30 issues. The S29 was a fundraiser and the S30 was available to all lodge members but limited to 1 per person (at least initially).

I understand that the Gold Mylar Delegate was limited to 3 per delegate. This would mean about 3 dozen were issued if my information is correct.

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate S31

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate S31

The Blue Book Stats for this one would be:
S31 GMY R M/C WHT M/C FDL; RED WWW BLK Arrow WHT Corps5 2008 YEL Cheerful Service – Contingent

This is currently a need for me.

As far as I know, in New York State, only Nacha Nimat has issued any memorabilia for ArrowCorps5. Is anyone aware of any other issues form New York State Lodges?
Here is my 2008 ArrowCorps5 New York State OA Checklist.

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