eBay Giveth and eBay Taketh Away.

While this does not directly effect most Scouting Memorabilia items, it does effect those of us who sometimes sell books, DVD’s and CD’s. eBay has reduced its fixed price listing fees but added maximum shipping charges on those items.

Reduced upfront fees for Fixed Price: List multi-quantity items up to 30 days for one low fee
We’re dramatically reducing the upfront cost to list an item at fixed price on eBay.

Here is a bit on the maximum shipping fees.

Limits on shipping and handling charges for select categories

Starting in October, limits on shipping and handling charges* will be in effect for select categories. These maximums apply to the first flat-rate shipping service within or into the U.S. Sellers are required to offer at least one shipping option within the maximum and may also offer other options above the maximums for expedited or international shipping. Sellers can still use the shipping calculator to charge actual costs at or below the maximums or if their listings are not standard — e.g., if you’re selling an unusual large/ or heavy item, or a bundle-you can also use the shipping calculator to charge actual costs. See FAQs for more details.

What’s unsaid is eBay getting tough on fee avoidance, since final value fees do not take shipping and handling into account. If the maximum is too low, you can:

If your actual shipping costs are higher than the maximum shipping & handling cost, start the item price higher to cover your shipping cost. This technique will minimize risk that you will lose money on shipping.

and eBay will earn their commission on that.


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