Adirondack Lodge #357 Dance Team Jacket

Neale Cummings sends along an image of an interesting collectible from Adirondack Lodge #357. The Blue Book has never made it a practice to list items of clothing or other wearables issued by Lodges or their chapters. I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of hats, t-shirts, jackets, etc. issued by NY Lodges.

Here is one from Adirondack Lodge #357, according to Neale, it was issued/available for purchase for members of the Adirondack Lodge Dance team in the 1970’s.


This jacket was never for sale to any lodge member. They would hand it to the dancers before they walked into the place where they were going to
dance, afterwards outside they would collect them back.

Adirondack Lodge #357 Dance Team Jacket

Adirondack Lodge #357 Dance Team Jacket

And a close up of the design:

What is the oddest piece of Lodge memorabilia that you have in your collection?


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