Area 2-G 1972 Conclave

The 1972 Area 2-G Conclave was hosted by Manatoanna Lodge #461 and held at Camp Vigor.  First up is the pocket patch.

and there was also a neckerchief issued for the event.

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the images.  I believe that these were the only two issues for this conclave.  Does anyone else have any other issues?

Update March 2017:
An image from Mark Eddy, this one is a leather patch from the 1972 Area 2-G Conclave and he advises that it was used as a staff issue.

Area 2-G 1972 Staff Conclave Leather Pocket Hanger

Area 2-G 1972 Staff Conclave Leather Pocket Hanger

You can find links to other New York Area Conclave issues on this page.


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  1. Ray Gould says:

    I believe Bob Burt has a piece that might belong to this conclave. It is a handmade leather patch with a strikingly similar logo (it depicts a nearly identical campfire logo in the center of the patch) and believe makes reference to Area II-G but not the conclave. It has what I believe a date on the the patch (10-2-__) if memory serves me (but what the numbers on the patch mean is pure speculation (due to the unclear format in which they are depicted). I’ve guessed that it was given to COC members in attendance post-conclave (again, pure speculation). I’ve uncovered no additional information about this issue. I don’t believe Sheldon Bombard recalled anything about it’s use.
    My best-

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