Area 2-G 1968 Conclave

Here are three scans from the 1968 Area 2-G Conclave. The host Lodge was Adirondack #357. Thanks to Bill Griesmyer for supplying the images for the patch and neckerchief and Neale Cummings for the slide.

First we have a pocket patch:

Area 2-G 1968 Conclave Patch

Area 2-G 1968 Conclave Patch

There was also a neckerchief:

2-G 1968 Conclave Neckerchief

2-G 1968 Conclave Neckerchief

Here is the neckerchief slide:

1968 Area 2-G Conclave Neckerchief Slide

1968 Area 2-G Conclave Neckerchief Slide

The usual request for any additional issues is hereby made. I also need all of these for my collection if anyone has one or both of them available.

Still looking for scans from Area 2-G issues from 1955, 1959, 1965, and 1967.

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  1. Neale Cummings says:

    I am in need of the neckerchief if someone has an extra.


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