Scouting Hot Finds Radio #92: Refurbishing Vintage BSA Knives and Axes With Bill Chadek

Jason Spangler the Santeeswapper has reinvigorated his podcast series. The most recent is with Bill Chadek.

Jason writes:

A decade ago Bill Chadek took a gamble on a Boy Scout pocket knife. He cleaned up a beat up old knife and brought it back to life with elbow grease, sandpaper, and lots of polishing. This was the beginning of a side business refurbishing vintage BSA pocket knives, sheath knives and hand axes. Today his completed projects sell at auction for as much as $400 on eBay. Over the last decade of honing his craft Bill has experimented with different woods, learned how to forge a much improved leather sheath, and mastered polishing metal. In the interview we talk in depth about one of his most well known projects – recreating the “Kit Carson” style combo with sheath knife with a hand axe mated together.

Listen to “#92 Refurbishing Vintage BSA Knives and Axes With Bill Chadek” on Spreaker.

Give it a listen.

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