History of the Order of the Arrow in Vermont

I recently participated in the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders Round Table #1 where we discussed several topics which may be of interest to Scout memorabilia collectors.

During our discussion on one of Jason’s questions, he discussed the fact that COVID has moved more collecting resources online. John Pleasants has been hosting weekly zoom meetings on various topics of interest to collectors. Larry Lane has been putting those talks on You Tube. On this video Brian Kent discusses collecting Vermont OA.

Larry writes

This video provides a nice overview of the formation and progression of the OA in Vermont. Not only does Brian cover the pre-OA societies and camps, but he also covers some of the hardest collectibles from each lodge. Some of these issues covered in the video are very obscure. In this hobby knowledge is power, and now you know what to keep an eye out for at your local Trade-O-Rees!

You can see the video by clicking the image below.


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