1953 Order of the Arrow Handbook

While it has been a while, I recently updated my Order of the Arrow Handbook Checklist.  I was spurred to update if due to an acquisition of a couple of my needs.  Once of which is pictured below.  The March 1953 Printing of the OAHB had 10,000 copies made.

Prior to 1989 has a code to determine which printing the book is from and the quantity of books printed. This code is normally listed beneath the copy right information. For example this handbook had the code, 10M353 which indicates 10,000 copies were printed in March 1953.

1953 Order of the Arrow Handbook

1953 Order of the Arrow Handbook

Can anyone confirm the existence of issues for 2010 – Brad Lichota Chief, 2011 Jonathan Hillis Chief and if their was a special 2012 NOAC edition. All would be needs for me.

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