Look Back – Hardest NY OA – Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 J1

A Look Back

Five years ago I began posting on the toughest issues from various New York OA Lodges. I haven’t written one up in a while, but here is one of the early ones.

Here is one of the toughest items from Nischa Nitas Lodge #410.

I actually held one in my hands once, but it is the only time I’ve seen it up close and personal. It had a very short run and is also very collectible as a Ceremonial Team issue.

Hardest NY OA - Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 J1

Image use with permission of OA Images

What is the toughest issue(s) from your NY Lodge? Ray Gould has sent comments about many of the lodges in old Area 2-G. If you send me your scans and reasoning I’d be happy to post them too.

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