Section NE-3B 2001 Conclave SMY Pocket Patch

conclaveI had previously written about the 2001 Section NE-3B Conclave which was held at Sabbattis Scout Reservation and hosted by Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219.

I recently came across what I believe is a staff issue from the event. The design is the same as the white bordered patch, but this one has a silver Mylar border.

Section NE-3B 2001 Conclave SMY Pocket Patch

Can anyone confirm what this patch was used for?

According to the OA Section List, the Lodges in the section at this time were:

  • Haudenosaunee Lodge #19
  • Half Moon Lodge #28
  • Ona Yote Lodge #34
  • Otahnagon Lodge #172
  • Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219
  • Tahgajute Lodge #247
  • Kamargo Lodge #294
  • Loon Lodge #364
  • Onteroraus Lodge #402


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