A Look Back – How would you value a well used First Flap?

Almost 4 years ago I wrote a post entitled, How would you value a well used First Flap?

It began,

I was recently contacted by a ex-Scouter who had what appeared to be a Wakpominee 48 F1 in well-used condition. It had been sewn, washed and exhibited at least some box-dirt but overall was still in decent but not great condition.

And I asked several questions:

1. How much of a percentage discount from a mint specimen would you think would be justified for the used flap pictured above?

2. If there was a similar valued item with a similar scarcity (and condition) from one of the lodges/councils/ areas you collect would you be willing to put it in your collection in that condition?

3. What about if this was the last item you need to complete your prime collection? Would a used item do or would you hold out (and pay) for a mint one?

4. What percentage discount from “mint” would you value a used item at?

Another Wakpominee Lodge #48 First Flap recently appeared on eBay.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.

So was this a reasonable price for a used flap or a bargain due to the economy?

There was another New York State OA auction that recently ended on eBay, an Aola Lodge #410 P1.

Clicking on the image for the next couple of months will bring you to the auction results.

While not really visible in the small picture,  the larger image shows several rusty staple marks which likely affected the final price.

Both of these items went for well under the ‘going rate’ for a mint specimen.

So a sign of he times or what a non-mint patch should go for?


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  1. Dave Scocca says:

    I think a lot of it depends on the specific item. If a first flap was from a decent-sized lodge and was worn on the uniform but is rare because it was highly restricted, then most of the circulating examples will be used… But if the first flap is rare because the lodge was very small and short-lived, then a higher proportion of the circulating examples are likely to be mint.

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