Buckskin Lodge #412 Centennial Issue S62

Brian Petrowski sends along some information about a new issue from Buckskin Lodge #412 issued for the Centennial year of the BSA.  This is the first New York OA Issue that I’ve been made aware of issued to celebrate that event.

This  is the 2010 Buckskin Lodge 412 centennial member flap that is given 1 per member who has paid their 2010 dues and attends at least one lodge event this year. Yes the arrow is supposed to be facing to the right instead of the left it is to represent the design from the lodge neckerchief.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Centennial Flap S62

This one is a need of mine if anyone winds up with an extra, I’d be interested.

Tentative Blue Book stats:
S62 SMY R BLU SMY LBL FDL; LBL 1910 2010 SMY WWW 100 Years of Scouting Centennial Member

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