Area 2-E 1965 Conclave

conclave The 1965 Area 2-E Conclave was hosted by Chautauqua Lodge #165 and held at Camp Merz. 1965 was also the 50th Anniversary of the OA, and that is evident on both the patch and the neckerchief issued for the event.

First up is the pocket patch:

Area 2-E 1965 Arrowhead

Area 2-E 1965 Arrowhead

and a neckerchief;

Area 2-E 1965 Neckerchief

Area 2-E 1965 Neckerchief

Both of these items are needs for me if anyone has one or both available, I’d be interested in trading or acquiring them.

According to the OA Section List, the Lodges in the section at this time were:

  • Ty-Ohni Lodge #95
  • Ganosote Lodge #159
  • Chautauqua Lodge #165
  • Tuscarora Lodge #284
  • Amo’chk Lodge #339
  • Tuighaunock Lodge #409
  • Ganeodiyo Lodge #417
  • Yokahú Lodge #506
  • Ga-Goh’-Sa Lodge #547

The pocket patch is still a need of mine.

You can find links to other New York Area Conclave issues on this page.

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  1. Bro AJK says:

    Dear Bill,

    I find it peculiar that neither the neckerchief nor the patch make and reference to Yokahú Lodge. I wonder if anyone came from PR?

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