New BSA Council Named – Great Lakes Council

Brother Andrew sends along a link with news about the new BSA council in Michigan which has now chosen its new name.

Two local Boy Scouts of America councils have merged and are now operating as the Great Lakes Council.

The former Detroit Area Council in Detroit and the Waterford Township -based Clinton Valley Council, which served Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, announced their Oct. 1 merger and new name today.

There is a bit more on the Council web site:

The New Michigan Council has a New Name!

There were 300 names submitted for consideration for our New Michigan Council which were reviewed by the Naming the Council committee. After careful consideration, that list was decreased to 39 and placed on the website for selection by Scouts and Scouters. Approximately 9,530 selections were made from over 3,000 people and the overwhelming response reveals the name of the New Michigan Council: Great Lakes Council.

It ends with:

Coming soon! Your chance to help design the Great Lakes Council CSP!

No word on the status of the OA Lodges.


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eBay Auction Listings – What’s the Count

Ebay LogoLast week, I posted on the eBay Save 50% on Auction-style Insertion Fees ‘Sale’. So how’s it doing?

When I posted the initial notice on Saturday, there were not quite 9300 auctions running.

On the morning of Monday Nov. 9, 2009 when I checked, there were 8762.

After an uptick due to the quantity of new items listed on Thursday, the count by late Friday afternoon November 13 was up significantly to over 12,000 auctions.

How may are running now?  You can use this link to check.


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