Shinnecock Lodge #360 – Fall Fellowship 2009 eX2009

New IssueMatt Schieferstein sends along word of a new event issue from Shinnecock Lodge #360.

Fall Fellowship 2009 event patch.  It was issued at our annual fall fellowship event held Oct 30-Nov 1.  I believe they only had 50 made.

You can see it pictured below:

Shinnecock Lodge #360 – Fall Fellowship 2009 eX2009

Shinnecock Lodge #360 – Fall Fellowship 2009 eX2009

The Stats for this one should be:
eX2009 RED R M/C BLK BLU 2009 FDL; BLK Fall Fellowship The Deadliest Catch

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Shared Items From Around The Web – November 6, 2009


World Brotherhood Camporee

Knowledge is PowerA couple of years ago, I had posted about the World Brotherhood Camporee which  is held each year and alternates between sites in the US and Canada.

The World Brotherhood Camporee is an annual event held every September with approximately 3,000 attendees.  Each year the Loyalist Area, Scouts Canada and the Hiawatha Seaway Council, BSA take turns hosting this camporee.  In even years, it’s held on the US side at Wellesley Island State Park (in the Thousand Islands across from Clayton, NY).  In odd years it’s held in Canada at Riverside Cedar Provincial Park (near Morrisburg, ON). The program varies from camporee to camporee but the one big constant is badge trading.  Proceeds from the camp help support projects of the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund.

For those with sharp eyes, or good luck, there was recently what appeared to be a common auction on eBay, entitled 3 DIFFERENT 60S & 70S BOY SCOUT CAMPOREE BADGE PATCHES.

One of those 3 patches (the one on the right), was from the 1975 World Brotherhood Camporee, only the second time the event was held.

World Brotherhood 1975

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the eBay auction for the next few months.

Likely why this $ 1.00 worth of patches went for over $ 28.00.  What do you think it would have went for if it was properly described?

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Table of contents for Knowledge is Power

  1. Knowledge is Power – Nentico Lodge #12 X1
  2. Knowledge is Power – Owaneco Lodge #313 Quinnipiac Dancers
  3. And I thought YOU were crazy!
  4. Knowledge is Power – Sea Scout Eagle Badge
  5. Knowledge is Power – Wakpominee Lodge #48 A1 Wabiningo
  6. White Sea Scout Eagle Badge
  7. Knowledge is Power – The Silver Fawn
  8. Another Eagle Scout Badge
  9. Knowledge is Power – Lettered Areas
  10. Knowledge is Power – P2K Arrowheads
  11. Knowledge is Power – Uncommon Flaps from Common Lodges
  12. Knowledge is Power – A Philmont P2K Arrowhead on eBay now
  13. Knowledge is Power – Region 7 Canoe Base
  14. Knowledge is Power – Region 13
  15. Knowledge is Power – Silver Fawn Revisited
  16. Knowledge is Power – Adirondack Lodge #357 R1
  17. Knowledge is Power – Tahgajute 247 X1
  18. Knowledge is Power – Area I 1945 Conclave
  19. Knowledge is Power or Oh My God!!
  20. Knowledge is Power – 1937 Jambo Shoulder Tab
  21. Early Region 2 Patch on eBay
  24. Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Patch – Vintage – Rare
  25. Knowldge Is Power – Sislija X2
  26. Most Expensive OA Lodge Event Patch?
  27. Delaware County Council OA Neck’chief worn 1958 Enclave
  28. Achpateuny Lodge #498 Dance Team Issue
  29. Knowledge is Power – Wabaningo Lodge Handbook
  30. Knowledge is Power Air Ace Medal Type 2
  31. Sea Scout Eagle Revisited
  32. Y2K Philmont Arrowheads
  33. Collecting OA Handbooks
  34. 2009 NOAC American Folklore Set
  35. Before there was 4, there was 6 and before that 12
  36. Knights of Dunamis
  37. P2K – Philmont Arrowhead
  38. Early Troop Committee Armband
  39. Air Scouts and Air Explorers
  40. WTF – $ 2000 Hat Pin
  41. 1937 World Jamboree USA Contingent Flash
  42. Sea Scout Eagle Badge on White Twill
  43. 1935 Boy Scout National Jamboree Shoulder Tab and Patch
  44. Scouts De America
  45. World Brotherhood Camporee
  46. RWS: Chautauqua County, RARE-original style, gauze back
  47. Philmont Ranch Hand P2K Arrowhead
  48. Felt Vigil Sash on eBay
  49. Felt Flocked Vigil Sash
  50. 1948 OA Handbook Hardbound Edition – The Finale
  51. OA Belt Buckle
  52. Philmont Dollar Patch
  53. Knowledge is Power – The Silver Fawn Redone
  54. NY Pre-OA Honor Society – Order Of The White Swastika
  55. National Order of the Arrow Indian Seminar
  56. Ah Wa Ge OA Lodge 477 Neckerchief Slide
  57. A Look Back – The Silver Fawn
  58. Tahgajute Lodge #247 J3 Ceremonial Team Patch