1994 Section NE-2B Conclave

conclaveHalf Moon Lodge #28 was the host for the 1994 Section NE-2B Conclave. The theme for the event, was Ties of Brotherhood.

There were two issues for the event a pocket patch:

1994 Section NE-2B Pocket Patch

1994 Section NE-2B Pocket Patch

There was also a neckerchief

The neckerchief was blue cloth with black piping which had  the event patch sewn on it.

Section NE-2B 1994 Neckerchief

Section NE-2B 1994 Neckerchief

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for a scan of the neckerchief, which I need for my collection.

According to the OA Section List, the following lodges were part of Section Ne-2B at this time:

  • Half Moon Lodge #28
  • Skanondo Lodge #64
  • Onteroraus Lodge #402
  • Nooteeming Lodge #443
  • Munsi Lodge #444


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