Ko-Nosh-I-Oni Lodge #34 L1 or Event Patch?

Identification Aide

Ray Gould has been doing some research on the Ko-Nosh-I-Oni #34 L1 which is not currently pictured at OAImages.  He shares his research and thoughts with us today.

One of the things I enjoy most about our hobby is digging up issues which were previously undocumented.  I recently acquired this piece from a collector who purchased the lot (the lot included another Konoshioni piece as well as other vintage patches) with an interest in a staff piece from an Area II-G conclave  After doing a little poking around on the web, I am of the belief that this piece dates to 1971 (placing it close chronologically to the other event patches of Konsohioni).  What leads me to believe is is the “Kingsley” clue.  A search for info on Camp Kingsley revealed that the camp started in 1921.  The “50” designation would likely have no other meaning given that 50th anniversaries for the national OA, local OA (Gonlix), BSA, and local council would not have paired up with the relatively narrow time frame within which the other event patches were issued (1970-1971).

I just had another idea…..is it possible that this piece is the L-01 (“flame shaped leather”)?  It is my understanding that the L-01 is silk screen on leather (this piece is s. s. on vinyl…however it is not uncommon for vinyl pieces to be mis-classified as “leathers”…the #357 L-01 is a prime example of this occurrence).  It has also been my understanding that the L-01 is a neckerchief slide (this piece is definitely not a slide but instead a rather large 5 1/2” tall and meant to be worn from the button on the pocket …evidenced by the button hole)……………….it is my understanding that Sheldon Bxxxxxx has an L-01 so I’d be able to make an confirm/refute that way……

Ray was finally able to see Sheldon’s 34 L1 which was the same as the scan he sent me.  He adds:

I wanted to follow up my earlier email and report what I was able to determine regarding the attached patch. Sheldon was able to pull his collection out and confirm that the patch identified as the L-01 in his collection matches that which I sent earlier (and attached in this communication). Even though it was originally identified as L-01, I believe an event designation as proposed below is appropriate (the eX1972-2 eX1972-2 (updated 4-24) as opposed to the L-01).

So here it is:

Ko-Nosh-I-On-I Lodge #34 L1 or eL1972?

Ko-Nosh-I-Oni Lodge #34 L1 or eL1972?

Blue Book stats:
L1 RED – DYL RED -  Flame shaped leather

What do you think? Can anyone else confirm Ray’s research?


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