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Excel Tricks and Tips

Need to know how many more work days until the next TOR?  Click on the link for 14 other Excel tips and tricks.

Find total working days between any two dates, including holidays


If you work on project plans, gantt charts alot, this can be totally handy. Just type =networkdays(start date, end date, list of holidays) to fetch the number of working days. In the above sample you can see the number of working days between New years day and September first of this year (labor day).


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Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate Flap S31

George Jennings has also provided an image of the Delegate Flap for ArrowCorps5 for Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. I had previously shown the S29 and S30 issues. The S29 was a fundraiser and the S30 was available to all lodge members but limited to 1 per person (at least initially).

I understand that the Gold Mylar Delegate was limited to 3 per delegate. This would mean about 3 dozen were issued if my information is correct.

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate S31

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 ArrowCorps5 Delegate S31

The Blue Book Stats for this one would be:
S31 GMY R M/C WHT M/C FDL; RED WWW BLK Arrow WHT Corps5 2008 YEL Cheerful Service – Contingent

This is currently a need for me.

As far as I know, in New York State, only Nacha Nimat has issued any memorabilia for ArrowCorps5. Is anyone aware of any other issues form New York State Lodges?
Here is my 2008 ArrowCorps5 New York State OA Checklist.

[phpbay]Nacha Nimat Lodge, 10[/phpbay]


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Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 New Regular Issue Flap F1

George Jennings sends along a scan of one of several new issues to surface at the NE-2C Conclave this weekend. This one is a new regular issue flap from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 a twill version of the S23.

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 New Regular Issue Flap F1

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 New Regular Issue Flap F1

Blue Book Stats:


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eBay Giveth and eBay Taketh Away.

While this does not directly effect most Scouting Memorabilia items, it does effect those of us who sometimes sell books, DVD’s and CD’s. eBay has reduced its fixed price listing fees but added maximum shipping charges on those items.

Reduced upfront fees for Fixed Price: List multi-quantity items up to 30 days for one low fee
We’re dramatically reducing the upfront cost to list an item at fixed price on eBay.

Here is a bit on the maximum shipping fees.

Limits on shipping and handling charges for select categories

Starting in October, limits on shipping and handling charges* will be in effect for select categories. These maximums apply to the first flat-rate shipping service within or into the U.S. Sellers are required to offer at least one shipping option within the maximum and may also offer other options above the maximums for expedited or international shipping. Sellers can still use the shipping calculator to charge actual costs at or below the maximums or if their listings are not standard — e.g., if you’re selling an unusual large/ or heavy item, or a bundle-you can also use the shipping calculator to charge actual costs. See FAQs for more details.

What’s unsaid is eBay getting tough on fee avoidance, since final value fees do not take shipping and handling into account. If the maximum is too low, you can:

If your actual shipping costs are higher than the maximum shipping & handling cost, start the item price higher to cover your shipping cost. This technique will minimize risk that you will lose money on shipping.

and eBay will earn their commission on that.


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Storing Your Collection

John Pannell has a post on storing or preserving your collection. It was sparked by a question Bill Griesmyer on Patch-L.

I have several neckerchiefs that are still in their original plastics bags.  Should
I remove them and put them in UltraPro sheets or leave them alone?  I must admit
that they have been there for about three decades, but better late then never.

John commented:

I noted that there seems to be a mindset in our hobby to only care about how the memorabilia will hold up during the collecting lifetime of the current owner. Since many bigger collectors are already middle aged or older, this represents a time span of a few decades at best. There doesn’t seem to be a sensitivity towards preserving stuff for posterity’s sake.

My storage methods are to use acid-free BCW or Ultra Pro pages with acid free comic boards cut to size. Probably better than some, but may not be ideal. I use 1,2,4, and 6 pocket pages. The collection is in 2 and 3 inch D ring binders and protected from the sun and light.

If the neckerchief is in its original undamaged plastic bag, I keep it in it. If the bag is torn or damaged I remove it, before storing the neckerchief. Currently each neckerchief is placed in its own plastic bag before I put it in the binder. I’ve not backfilled all of the older neckerchiefs into individual bags, but do bag them when I add a new item to that lodge’s binder.

All of my dupes are in plastic in one form or another, but not acid-free.

How do you store your collection?


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Change in eBay Payment Methods

eBay has announced a change in its acceptable payment methods. Beginning sometime in

October 2008, checks and money orders will no longer be acceptable payment methods.

Paper payments end this October

Beginning late October 2008, all items listed on must be paid for using one of the following approved payment options:

  • Direct credit or debit card payment via a merchant credit card account
  • PayPal
  • ProPay
  • Payment on pick-up

Paper payment methods such as checks and money orders will no longer be accepted on

By January 2009, all approved electronic payment methods will be integrated into eBay checkout. For example, buyers will be able to enter their credit card number directly into eBay checkout, and the payment will be routed to the seller’s Internet merchant account or to their PayPal account.

This will be a big change for a lot of sellers. Of course it means more fees for eBay, since they will collect another fee on each PayPal payment.

As a buyer, it makes things easier to pay your seller and you should get your patch qa few days sooner.

As a seller, it squeezes your margins a bit more. For the big boys who have merchant accounts with the credit card companies, they won’t need to accept PayPal, but everyone else will need a PayPal account or will need to stop selling on eBay.

What if I only accept checks, money orders or other payment methods that will be prohibited?
By late October you’ll need to do at least one of the following:

  • Add PayPal as a payment method to your listings. This can be done through your seller preferences page in My eBay.
  • Sign up with ProPay to offer this electronic payment option to your customers. We are also working closely with additional electronic payment providers to add them to our approved payment providers list. Learn more.
  • Accept credit or debit cards through your Internet merchant account.

What if I don’t take at least one of these steps by late October, 2008?
You will not be able to list new items or relist using the same templates. Your current listings will remain on until they end. Good ’til Canceled listings will be displayed on eBay until they come up for relisting at the end of 30 days.


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Area 2-B 1967 Conclave Issue

This is the last post, at least for now on Area 2-G. We have covered all of the conclaves, with the exception of 1968. If anyone has scans (or trades) of those issues, I would appreciate them.

Update: August 25

This is actually the 1967 Area 2-B Pocket Patch. For some reason, there was no Area Conclave for 2-G in 1967. If anyone has more information on why there was no 2-G conclave please share it in the comments.

Here is the pocket patch from the 1967 Area 2-GB Conclave submitted by Neale Cummings.

Area 2-G 1967 Pocket Patch

Area 2-B 1967 Pocket Patch

Neale indicates that there was also a neckerchief issued for this event. Both the neckerchief and patch are needs of mine if anyone has them available, I would be interested in trading for or purchasing them.


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