More Malaysian Fakes and Fakers

Roy More posted on his blog about a new seller from Malaysia, wishingtree07, selling fakes on eBay. One of the items he has for sale, was a Sislija Lodge #19, fortunately none sold.

Unfortunately, fakes of this issue seem to be a cottage industry in Malaysia. Other sellers include, gs-gateway, jtcorner, and jt_tower.

Beware of your dealing and use available resources such as OA Images to verify you are getting what you expect.


“The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public
men.”—Samuel Adams

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  1. james morris says:

    i don’t know why there are a lot of fakers from Malaysia not only on ebay but on the other social networking sites.. this makes me feel disgusted, disappointed and having some negative stereotypes with Malaysians around their attitude and mental.

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