Fake – Ona Yote Dance Team Jacket Patch on eBay

Ray Gould has pointed out a new fake on eBay. The seller is from Germany. According to Ray;

Please include a post oin your blog to inform those that read it that the seller patch–world (Germany) is producing fakes and attempting to pass them off as real. His example of the #34 dance team patch is a clear fake (fully embroidered) and may even be a 3″ round (instead of a jacket patch). The auction has been bid up to $150+. Looking at his feedback, it appears that he has given refunds to those who have been dissatisfied with receiving a fake (especially when purchased under the belief it was authentic). He has kept all bid activity private (usernames are completely hidden and not scrambled like normal auctions). I notified a friend who I suspected might bid (he was under the belief the item was authentic and had placed a significant bid). Please spread the word.
The seller has other Scout patches for sale, but this appears to be the only one from New York.
Dave Scocca advised of a Nentico Lodge #12 Fake from the same seller a few days ago.
The real item is a twill jacket patch. A picture of the ‘real’ patch is shown below. The image is of the patch in my collection, which I provided to John years ago.
Image used by permission of OA Images

“A demagogue tries to sound as stupid as his audience so that they will think they are as clever as he is.”—Karl Krauss, German writer and critic of the Third Reich.


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  1. Neale Cummings says:

    The seller stated this patch was a 4″ patch and offered me a second chance offer for one at $150.00.

    I told them that $10.00 is what it was worth and they have not gotten back with me.

    Thanks again Ray for keeping me from losing over $150.00 on this fake.


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