William Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library

William Hillcourt Scout MuseumDick Krzyiewski provides some photos and information on the William Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library “Expansion Project.”

The Museum is located in the Hiawatha Seaway Council at Camp Woodland, BSA and is open Weekends. The Museum can be opened anytime if you call a few days ahead by contacting the Council office.

William Hillcourt Scout Museum Interior - CanoeThe facility now displays 2500 square feet of Scouting Memorabilia for everyone to enjoy. A Re-dedication Ceremony was held in October of 2007, several Family members from the Hillcourt and Buck Families were in attendance along with about 100 other supporters.

It was an excellent event, everyone gathered in Stickley Hall for a Reception with punch, cake and finger food and had the chance to see some old friends and share in some fellowship. The group then went to the New Museum building for the Ribbon Cutting. When everyone was inside we held a Ceremony that began by recapping the Museum from it’s inception back in 1992 (in an old Storage Room) to the facility that it is today.

William Hillcourt Scout Museum Interior - LibraryWe just wanted to take the time to Thank all of the individuals that contributed to making this project a HUGE success. We moved in the following weekend and have been busy re-assembling and designing displays ever since. It’s been a labor of love for many of us, it now allows us to display many more items and scouting themes of pieces that we have had in storage.
William Hillcourt Scout Museum Interior Music Cornor The Staff meets every Saturday to file newly acquired items and set-up displays. We will have a 4 piece CSP set available for the TOR, commemorating 100 years of US Scouting.

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