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OAImages.comJohn Pannell has posted on his blog about one of the unfinished projects  on his main site, the Internet Guide to OA Insignia. In this case Lodge Anniversary Issues.

… have been giving some needed attention to one unfinished segment of the site over the past few days, the lodge anniversaries section on the National & Special Events Patches page.  

There is no consistent way that lodge anniversaries are denoted in Blue Book.  I can search for phrases like “NNth Anniversary”, but that doesn’t find everything.  Even so there is still much to do.  It takes a lot of busy work to manually sort through listings and add a key for each significant anniversary into the databases that power this site. 

I started with 5th anniversary issues and worked upwards in five year increments.  Sorry, guys.   While Awaxaawe Awachia’s first anniversaryor Papago’s 39 1/4th anniversaryflaps might be interesting curiosities, those anniveraries are not significant enough to merit their own pages!

I guess this means that John won’t be devoteing a page to Shu Shu Gah Lodge’s 33rd Anniversary R3.  😉

Seriously if you can help John out with any missing items it only makes his site (and its usefulness to us all) stronger.


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  1. John Pannell says:

    Sorry, Bill. I don’t foresee a page for your lodge’s 33rd anniversary patch. 😉

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