Band of Scouting Misfits Attains Eagle Ranking

Washignton Post LogoAn article appeared recently in the Washington Post, while there is the obligatory reference to gays in Scouting it is a surprisingly positive article on a Patrol of 11 Scouts who all became Eagle. A band of misfits, and self admitted black sheep all persevered and became Eagle Scouts.

Somehow, this bunch of undisciplined suburban kids grew into a closely knit crew of slyly ironic, decent, responsible young men whose proudest achievement was a 90-mile hike in the mountains of New Mexico. Now all 11 members of the Viking Patrol, one of 10 patrols that make up the troop, have made it to the rank of Eagle Scout — a feat that national, regional and local Scouting leaders believe is unprecedented.


The Black Eagle Trader Branches Out

Scouting BlogsI had recently written about Matt Kirkland adding a flurry of new posts to his blog, The Black Eagle Trader.  He has now added writing about 3 other lodges he collects, Moswetuset Lodge #052, Chickasah Lodge #406, Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge #558 to the scope of his blog.  His most recent post is about new issues from Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge #558.  Check it out.

If any knows of other Patch Collecting Blogs, I’d be interested in hearing about them.