eBay in the News

Ebay LogoOur favorite auction site eBay, is in the news today.  eBay of course the 900 pound guerrilla in any discussion of the sale of Scouting collectibles  (and virtually anything else you can think of).  The Wall Street Journal announced that:

Chief Executive Meg Whitman is preparing to retire.

In the past few months, Ms. Whitman, who has led the San Jose, Calif., Internet auctioneer since March 1998, has been delegating more daily responsibilities to her lieutenants and is completing her succession planning, say people familiar with the matter. A decision about her departure could come within weeks, though the situation remains fluid, say these people.

I had previously written on some of eBay’s issues last December and this article seems to confirm some of the previous reports.

The company’s auction business, which allows individuals to buy and sell items online to the highest bidder or at a fixed price, accounts for more than two-thirds of eBay’s nearly $6 billion in annual revenue but has experienced slowing growth rates for the past few years. Any efforts to reverse the slowdown could involve drastic changes that may be more palatable under a new CEO. EBay has already warned Wall Street in recent months that it may alter how it structures its fees for listing and selling items by collecting bigger fees once sales close.

Mr. Donahoe has been wrestling with how to reverse the auction business’s declining momentum. Last year, he set into motion changes such as simplifying the auction Web site.

The auction business remains stagnant by some measures. EBay’s third-quarter listings of auction items for sale, a key barometer of the auction unit’s health, fell 3%.



Scouting in the Hills

Scouting BlogsRan across a new (well new to me) Scouting and Patch Collecting Blog by Barry Goff called Scouting in the Hills. While Barry says that “I just drive the van,” his profile includes the following:

Blue Grass Council #204, Kawida Lodge #480, Eagle Scout 1976, High Adventure: Philmont 1978, Maine High Adventure Area STAFF 1982, 1983, Sea Base 2007. National Jamborees: 1981 Assistant Scoutmaster, 1985 Commissary Staff, 2005 Assistant Scoutmaster. World Jamboree: 2007 [England] Assistant Scoutmaster. Order of the Arrow: Ordeal 1978, Brotherhood 1979, Vigil 2006, NOAC 1983, 2006. Training: Wood Badge EC 336X with Green Bar Bill Hillcourt, Powder Horn, Kodiak CDC.

If your interested in Kawida Lodge #480 or other lodges from that area check it out.