One Year Ago Today – Ona Yote #34 Jacket Patch Discovery J2

A Look Back
One year ago today, Ray Gould shared a discovery of a Ceremonial Team Jacket Patch from Ona Yote Lodge #34.

“just spent a few hours going through the collection of a well known area collector and friend. I came across what appears to be a previously undocumented JP from 34 Ona Yote”

What discovery have you made in your area of collecting over the past year that is not reflected in the Blue Book listings?



  1. John Pannell says:


    Since the last Blue Book was published shortly before the 2006 NOAC based upon data submitted before February 2006, it is not surprising that something discovered in 2007 is not yet in Blue Book . 😉

    The last I knew the next update will be at the 2009 NOAC. At least that was the plan when I was at NOAC.

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Not as clear as I should have been. How about; What older OA issues have you discovered that are not listed in the Blue Book?

    As for BB VII, last I heard, was NOAC 2009 too.

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