Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418 Oddity Discovered

Question MarkI recently bid on a lot on eBay for what I thought would be a dupe. A quick look, led me to think that it was one of the Vigil flaps from Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418. The price looked right, and I didn’t look too closely.

When I received the item, I was quite surprised to find it did not have a gold mylar border.

It looks like all of the red thread has been replaced by a cream or manila colored thread with maybe a bit of pink in it. In addition to the BSA, 418 and the WWW, the arrow is also cream colored. After comparing it to the scans on OAImages, I do not believe that it is a mis-colored vigil flap. For it to be a mis-colored Vigil flap, a second mistake would have to have been made with the border color thread as well.

Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418If you look at the border, you can see there is a red lock stitch. My suspicion is that it is an S8 error (pictured on the right). Image courtesy of The Internet Guide to OA Insignia.

Has anyone else seen the oddity below before? My inclination barring further information which may change its classification, is to use the ‘Y’ category for this flap.

Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418 Oddity YS1

Blue Book Stats:
YS1 MAN R M/C BLK MAN BSA; MAN 418, WWW, Arrow; RED Lockstitch Design of S8



  1. Frank hutchins says:

    I was a brotherhood member in mid 80s and bought one of these same pink color from oa director Brad mooney. I always was offered crazy money because it was a miss print ordeal silver brotherhood red vigil gold. I didn’t think any others exist I still have mine it’s mint.

  2. Bill says:


    Thanks for the comment. Guess that means at least 2 exist.

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