New Seneca Waterways CSP

Looks like the new Seneca Waterways Council CSP is now available through the Council Scout Shops.

The Seneca Waterways Council Scout Shops are located at:

Strong Scout Shop
474 East Avenue
Rochester NY 14607
Phone 585-241-855 1
Fax 585-244-9403

Geneva Scout Shop
3685 Pre-Emption Road
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone 315-789-1166
Fax 315-789-2227


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  1. Bro. AJK says:

    The final product looks great. It captures a lot of the geography (Rochester, Finger Lakes, Erie Canal), and kept images from the previous councils’ shoulder patches (map for FLC [before the apple tree CSP]; yellow FDLs for Otetiana).

  2. Matt Crance says:

    Can’t I just get rid of the rainbows….. ugg another rainbow patch…..

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