Section E-16 2022 NOAC Flap

Another image from Ben Obernesser, this one for NOAC 2022. Section NE-3B for the last several NOAC’s has done a set of Section flaps to commemorate the NOAC. A flap was issued for each Lodge in the Section with a shared design and having the Lodge name. For 2022 only a single flap was issued containing the totems of the individual lodges making up the section.

With the Project Magellan realignment the old Section NE-3B is now E-16.

Section E-16 2022 NOAC Flap

Section E-16 2022 NOAC Flap

The Lodges in the Section are:
Ga-Hon-Ga Lodge #34
Otahnagon Lodge #172
Kittan Lodge #364
Onteroraus Lodge #402
Ajapeu Lodge #351


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