Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159 50th Anniversary Flap 1967-2017 S77

Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159 celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2017, and they have already begun to issue flaps to celebrate the event based on proposed designs dating back to 1967.

My understanding is that this is supposed to be one of 4 throwback flaps, but the lodge did not like this version and is reordered slightly different designs. The reorders were issued on 2017.

While the first one was issued in 2017, the remaining three were reissued at the Williamsville TOR in September 2018.

Here is the third version:
Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159 50th Anniversary Flap 1967-2017 S77

The stats for this one are:
S77 BLK R M/C RED LBR FDL; RED 159; BLK 1967-2017; LBR WWW 1967 Bob Martin Design (3 of 4): Longhouse

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