Section NE-3A 1974 Conclave Staff Neckerchief

I had heard that a Staff Neckerchief for the Section NE-3A 1974 Conclave existed, but had never seen one. The Section NE-3A 1974 Conclave, was one of the first conclave postings I made back in early 2008.

Recently, I obtained an image of the Staff neckerchief.

Section NE-3A 1974 Conclave Staff Neckerchief
Section NE-3A 1974 Conclave Staff Neckerchief

Anyone have one available for trade or sale?

During this time, Section NE-3A included the following lodges:

Ranachqua Lodge #4
Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
Suanhacky Lodge #49
Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82
Aquehongian Lodge #112
Ktemaque Lodge #15
Half Moon Lodge #28
Skanondo Lodge #64
Shinnecock Lodge #360
Buckskin Lodge #412
Nooteeming Lodge #443
Munsi Lodge #444
Yokahú Lodge #506
Arawak Lodge #562
Black Eagle Lodge #482

“I acknowledge, in the ordinary course of government, that the exposition of the laws and Constitution devolves upon the judicial. But I beg to know upon what principle it can be contended that any one department draws from the Constitution greater powers than another in marking out the limits of the powers of the several departments.” —James Madison (1789)

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