Half Moon Lodge #28 Neckerchief N3.2

Discovery – Half Moon Lodge #28 Neckerchief N3.2

Here is a previously unlisted neckerchief from Half Moon Lodge #28. It is the same as the N3, but with a different ribbon border.

The story I have been told is they were made by a local woman in her house and the first border (N3) got changed when they ran out of that border material, probably less than 50 were made. A similar quantity was made with this border, Probably less than 100 of the two varieties combined.

Half Moon Lodge #28 Neckerchief N3.2
Half Moon Lodge #28 Neckerchief N3.2

The stats for this one would be:
N3 M/C WHT same EMB design but YEL moon, RED arrow/28 & RED/BLK/GMY ribbon BDR Red Teardrop design,

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