Otahnagon Lodge #172 2018 Flap S45

A bit puzzled by the flap shown below. Otahnagon Lodge #172 typically issues a flap for their Annual Winter Banquet which takes place in January. I have not seen an issue from 2018. There is no indication of NOAC although the patch does contain the year 2018.

PatchScan indicates that 275 were issued in January 2018.

Otahnagon Lodge #172 2018 Flap S45

Otahnagon Lodge #172 2018 Flap S45

Can anyone confirm the reason for this issue? Was it considered a NOAC issue from the Lodge?

Update Feb 2019

the stats would be:
S45 DBL R M/C WHT BLU FDL; RED WWW, WHT 2018 – Prism/Rainbow design

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