Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Achewen Schingue Chapter JLTC eN1962

Ian Pinnavaia has been on a mission recently. He has come across what he believes is a previously unlisted Achewen Schingue Chapter issue from a JLTC in 1962.

I picked up a N/C on eBay a while back which at the time was a total gamble on whether or not it could have been an issue of Achewen Schingue chapter or not. Before I bid I asked my Dad who had a vague recollection of it, and thought he had one in our collection already but surely we didn’t. I asked around to others like Bim Bxxxxxx, Hal (working for Uncle Sam at the time) and one or two more from the chapter who had a similar reaction to hosting a JLTC for the district, vague but nothing definitive.

Since working with Colin and others to pull the lodge history book together last year I’ve been on a mission to fill gaps in Shu Shu Gah’s lodge officer history, vigil list and a few other areas where we may be lacking key pieces of information. Other Lodge’s may follow as time allows. While reading old Blue Heron newsletters I came across an A.S. chapter report in a 1963 edition of the Blue Heron which cites the successfulness of running a JLTC for the past two years for the district. See the link below. The Indian directly resembles the A.S. indian from the patches. A neat discovery just from thumbing through a few pages of the old Blue Heron’s for a completely unrelated reason.

Here is a snip from that page:

and a picture of the standard Achewen Schingue totem used on their issues for 40+ years:

Achewen Schingue Chapter Patch
Achewen Schingue Chapter Patch

and finally the neckerchief Ian discovered

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Achewen Schingue Chapter JLTC eN1962
Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Achewen Schingue Chapter JLTC eN1962

I think this should be listed as a chapter issue with the following stats:
eN1962 BLK P WHT – – BLK Flatbush J.L.T.C. 1962

Anyone have one for trade or sale?

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