Look Back – Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.5 and newly discovered L2.6

Nine years ago we were showing a previously uncatalogued ‘leather’ neckerchief slide from Ranachqua Lodge.

John Tegtmeier, recently questioned the L2.5 from Ranachqua Lodge as described in the Blue Book as he had a variant. While I had the L2.5, I guess I never sent a scan along to John Pannell (since remedied).

Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.5

John advised, that his was on green leather(?) and provided the following scan.

Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.6

As you can see, not only is the background different, but the detail is all in red.

What uncatalogued gem from your New York OA Lodge do you have to report?