Running Toward Danger: Real Life Scouting Action Stories of Heroism, Valor & Guts

Looking for a Christmas Gift for that Scout or Scouter in your life? Here is a new hardcover book that might please that reader. Available via the Amazon link below.

Running Toward Danger is a book that will shock you, give you chills, and make you cheer! It is one of the least-known and least-presented major awards offered by the Boy Scouts of America. But similar to the Eagle Scout medal, it also is highly celebrated–perhaps more.

It’s the Honor Medal for Lifesaving.

In its various forms, it embodies the Medal of Merit for saving a life, the Honor Medal for doing so at personal risk, and the Honor Medal with crossed palms for extreme personal risk–all that has made Scouting an honored American icon for over a century. During those decades, a little more than a thousand of the highest medals have been awarded to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers, Venturers, Varsity Scouts, and adult volunteers. And every one of those rescues is an unforgettable story.

The hardcover:

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