Look Back – Area 2-G 1961 Conclave Staff Neckerchief?

Two years ago in November 2012 we were posting about a possible Area 2-G 1961 Conclave Staff Neckerchief. At the least, the neckerchief diplays a different color silkscreening to the more common version.

Gary Moshier reported:

The black one I have looked very closely at and it has not washed and faded I do believe there was a Black Border and a Blue Border possibly making the Black Border a Staff

Area 2-G 1961 Conclave Staff Neckerchief?

I don’t know if it is a staff version, does anyone have more information?

The original neckerchief I posted has a blue silkscreened arrows and WWW in addition to a larger version of the patch sewn to it. The pocket path is a three inch round. The patch on the neckerchief is almost an oval approximately 3 7/8 inches by 4 1/8 inches tall.

This is a need of mine if anyone has one available.

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