Look Back – 1952 Area 2-D Conclave

A couple of years ago I posted about the Area 2-D 1952 Conclave an upgrade of the Pocket Patch and the neckerchief are needs for me still,.

The patch does not indicate either the Host Lodge or the location where the event was held. Can anyone supply that information?

1952 Area 2-D Pocket Patch

I also understand that there was a neckerchief issued for this event. Can anyone confirm that, supply a scan and or a trade for one?


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  1. Joseph T. Berlant says:

    The Conclave was held at the Onteroraus Lodge Council Camp. Since that camp has changed names several times, not certain of its name then. This was the 2nd Conclave held for Area 2-D. There was a neckerchief that was hand made as was the neckerchief for the previous conclave held at Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation hosted by Nick Stoner Lodge which changed its name to Thayendanega Lodge.

    I tried three times to copy the pictures of both and it is not working. I’ll try to take pictures and send them later if you want. I have a complete collection of Area 2-D, Section 2A, etc up through recent years and the history of most of those Conclaves. Feel free to ask about any of them.

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